Bubba (Simon Jones) – Owner and Coach

CrossFit Certified Trainer
Level 1 & 2 Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Lows (Sarah Lowman) – Owner and Coach

CrossFit Certified Trainer
CrossFit Kids Certified
CrossFit Certified Gymnastic Trainer 
KettleBell Instructor Level 1
Olympic Lifting Level 1 OLF
Sarah comes from a hockey background representing Wales U21 and the full International Wales Hockey Team.
‘ I have been training using the CrossFit method since 2011. I considered myself as being fit after completing 8 Marathons & qualifying for Good For Age in the London Marathon but CrossFit totally exposed the limits of my training program took me out of my comfort zone and found all my weaknesses.
CrossFit for me transformed the way I train, eat and live my life. After finishing 66th this year in the European Open I hope to qualify next year for the Regionals after narrowly missing out this year.
CrossFit has to be experienced to be believed once you’re in you are hooked.’

Darren Gibbs (Gibbo) – Coach

Crossfit Level 1 (CF -L1)
Weightlifting Level 1
Inside the Box
I was introduced to Crossfit 5 years ago by Coach Bubba and never looked back. What attracted me to return was the variation, intensity and skills required was a challenge and not knowing the WOD’s created the excitement to return again and again
I have been coaching at Crossfit Caerphilly for just over a year after I achieved my CF-L1 in July 2016 and I must say it has been very satisfying, eventful and gives me a great sense of pride to see so many members excelling every day in improving the skills, attitude, determination and seeing joy in each class – It’s been great!!!
During this year, I have also successfully passed my Weightlifting Level 1 which is another skill, competency and beneficial to the development of our members which makes Crossfit Caerphilly so versatile to be part
This would be not possible without Crossfit Caerphilly who I owe huge gratitude and thanks for believing in me and trusting me to be a coach
Outside the Box
My sporting background has always been rugby from the age of 13 to 29………… Retired not Tire!!! I’m also a football coach for my son’s under 10 football team Machen Devils which I am not entering my third year
If you don’t see me in Dawn Patrol then there is something seriously wrong!!!