Caerphilly Barbell


Caerphilly Barbell has been created out of our passion for strength training.

We are an all-inclusive gym where anyone can use our facility.

We have put a lot of effort into creating a dedicated Olympic lifting and strength area in our gym. Whilst all members are welcome to utilise this area, we have a specific program designed for those in the wider community, including local athletes of other disciplines who want to specialise more and or progress faster in primarily the Olympic lifts. It’s also for those who want to try their hand at playing with advanced strength techniques from the principles of Powerlifting and Strongman.

Everyone can benefit from becoming stronger, strength it’s the foundation of almost all other bio-motor abilities. Maybe you’re an athlete that requires power, strength, and speed. Maybe you just want to lift heavy stuff, awesome! This program is for you.


  • When applied well, the mobility, stability, accuracy, co-ordination, power, and strength you will develop will carry over superbly to whatever you want. Training is a long process, however, very rewarding.
  • Weaknesses will show up as we progress. This will bring in the need for supplementary lifts, and variations of the main lifts, as regular guests on the program.
  • Obviously these weaknesses, and or your strengths, will be person specific so to supplement the program we offer personalised programming; this will be done by professional Strength & Conditioning coaches.
  • This programming will also be completed under the watchful eye of expert coaches, or can be completed in appropriate open gym hours.
  • Lastly, so we all keep learning and are all kept on our toes, we will be providing workshops and seminars covering all fitness related topics to improve both our and athletes knowledge of training.