Wod 23-1-13

2 thoughts on “Wod 23-1-13

  1. Tuesday Sleep – 10hrs

    Breakfast – four egg omelette with pepper and mushroom
    Lunch – bacon, mushrooms and sweet potato chips
    Dinner – mushroom and chicken stir fry

    Snack – granola
    Drinks – tea with almond milk x3, green tea with honey

    WOD – 6.56 scaled @ 40kg deadlift

    7 points

  2. Day 17 of challenge: 23-01-13
    Bed at 12.10am, woke up at 9.40am= 9.5 hours
    500ml water
    Breakfast: paleo pancakes
    500ml water
    Lunch: 4 Asda Chinese chicken skewers, mini fruit salsa d
    Dinner: Asda tikka chicken pieces(150g) served with Birdseye steam veg(carrots,broc and cauli)
    1 litre of water
    Snacks: handful of pistachio nuts, 1 protein ball and a double expresso

    6.30 crossfit WOD- worked with Loz
    Used 20kg bar for overhead squats, used 10kg dumbbell for Wod. Did 9 rounds each in partner Wod

    Bed at 10.40pm

    Total 7 points