WOD 21-01-13

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  1. 20.01.13
    Wod:3 rounds,12 down ups,18KB swings
    Breakfast:paleo pancakes with raisin and coconut and half a cup of almond milk
    Lunch:chicken and turkey rashers
    Tea:chicken and veg
    Snacks:apple,clementine,grapes and carrot and banana muffin
    Drinks: water and protein shake (post wod)
    Sleep:8 hours
    Rolled and stretched

  2. 20.1.2013
    WOD 1- 3 rounds and 11 get ups
    WOD 2- mini cindy. 8 rounds and 3 pull ups
    WOD 3- tabata of sit ups
    Breakfast- banana and muffin
    Dinner-2 chicken breasts, 2 sweet potato, shake and orange
    Tea-paleo pancakes
    Snack- 2 chicken breast and red pepper. Orange

    Sleep 8 1/2

  3. Saturday 19th – sleep – 10 hrs

    Breakfast – Granola with almond milk, tea with almond milk
    Lunch – Gammon and mushrooms
    Dinner – Chips (I was stuck in the middle of nowhere!) 🙁

    Snack – Granola

    Mobility/Exercise – stretch, roller, walking in the snow

    6 points

    Sunday 20th sleep – 10hrs

    Breakfast – Granola with almond milk, tea with almond milk
    Lunch – Sunday dinner
    Dinner – Chicken with peppers and onions

    Snack – Granola

    Mobility – stretches and roller

    7 – points

  4. 20.01.2013
    punishment for pizza 800m row 20 burpees
    WOD 1 3 rounds
    WOD tabata of sit ups
    50 wall balls

    Breakfast bacon and tomatoes
    Dinner Omlette
    Tea Paleo Curry
    snack blueberry muffin

    8 hours

  5. 20/1/13

    Sleep- 7.5 hours sleep
    Brekie- 2 paleo pancakes with peanut butter
    Green tea, water

    Lunch- (in work-rubbish food available)
    Plate full of veg,raw carrots, chicken pieces

    Snacks- Apple, clementine, brazil nuts/almonds, 1 sml paleo muffin.

    Dinner- Sunday lunch-chicken (no mash)

    Drinks, green tea, peppermint tea, water, beetroot juice.

  6. Wod:6 full rounds
    Sleep:8 hours
    Breakfast:3 eggs scrambled with half a cup of almond milk
    Lunch:salad and chicken
    Tea:paleo chicken korma
    Snacks: clementine,apple,tin of Tina,blueberries,handful of grapes,strawberries and raspberries
    Points: 7

  7. 21/1/13

    Rest day- 7.5 hours sleep

    B- 2 poached eggs, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms

    L- 2 Chicken breast, spinach, red pepper beetroot salad

    D- Baked salmon, courguettes, mushrooms (raw) brocolli.

    S- Tangerine, banana, handful of blueberries, 4 small carrots with pb.

    D- green tea with lemon, water.

  8. WOD 4 rounds, 6 hang clean, 6 pp, 6 wall balls
    Breakfast- apple and banana
    Dinner-steak, red pepper and tomoato
    Snack- 2 chicken breast and granola. Shake

    Sleep 8 hours

  9. Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs, 2 bacon, 1 sausage 1 orange
    Lunch – Roast Chicken, Cauliflower, Broccoli
    Dinner – Mushroom Omelette, spinach

    Drinks – Coffee with almond milk, Green tea, water
    Workout in garage – Lots of squats, multiple sets of 2 working up to 135K
    Squats from the bottom position – started at 70K through to 100K
    8 hours sleep

  10. 21.01.2013
    WOD 5 rounds

    Breakfast Sausage, Bacon and Tomatoes
    Lunch Pancakes
    Tea Omlette and bacon
    Snacks – Muffin

    Sleep 8 hours

  11. 8hrs
    Omelette green beans salad spinach orange
    L tuna salad, 1/2 pomegranate
    D chick veg seeds
    Sn chick, apple, banana, seeds nuts
    Mobs fr, back, shoulder,
    WOD, 6 rounds, scaled 20kg, knees bent
    Split jerk 30kg

  12. 20/01/13 rest day

    Mobility foam roller, 7points for paleo challenge.

    Total – for first two weeks 92 (6 points lost in total)


    WoD at home 100HOGS for time. When fail 20d/u’s if fail 3burpees. 7.46.

    7points paleo challange

  13. Day 14 of challenge: 20-01-13
    Bed at 1am, woke up at 8.30am= 7.5hours
    500ml water
    Breakfast: 1 protein ball
    Lunch: Paleo pancakes
    Dinner: left over mince recipe with a veg pack(carrots, broc, cauli)
    Snacks: 2 paleo muffins

    9.40am- Crossfit completed 3 WODS (see below)
    10 min AMRAP ‘mini cindy’
    5 pull ups, 10 hogs, 15 Air squats- completed 10 Rounds

    10 min AMRAP
    12 down ups, 18kb swings (16kg) 70 skips- completed 3 1/2 rounds

    Wod 3- Row 1km for time- my time was 4.13

    Bed at 10pm
    Total 7 points

    Day 15 of Challenge: 21-01-13
    Bed at 10pm, woke up at 6am= 8 hours
    500ml water
    Breakfast: paleo banana and chocolate muffin, 1 protein ball, melon
    Lunch: M AND S tomato and basil mini chicken fillets (150g)
    Dinner: paleo pancakes (1 banana, 3 eggs)
    Snacks: 5 fruit pack and handfu
    Of mixed nuts

    Crossfit at 6.30
    Warm up- 20 hogs, 30 walking lunges, 4 width bear crawls
    Skills 8-8-8-8 split jerks 25kg- 30kg- 35kg-40kg and 45kg for 3

    Wod- first 2 rounds used 30kg weights then final 3 rounds used 25kg

    Bed at 10.30pm

    Total 7 points