Some reminders guys

Hey Guys

just some small reminders of the box rules. As we are all aware there are some rules attatched to the white board. We would appreciate it if everyone would take time to refresh on these rules.
In addition to this guys, we have noticed some diversions from the CFC rules and want it to be a Box that benefits the whole community. Some of these include

Staying off the floor until your class starts (if turning up during class)
lateness to class
Listening to your coaches briefing
Bottles being left at box daily, also tape
clothes being left at the box
liquid chalk abuse

Adding the importance to a few CFC rules

Look after your equipment, recently the coaches are finding there has been some damaged equipment. This includes dumping of bars and returning equipment back to its correct place tidy.

We would really appreciate your co-operation team

Much Love Your CFC Coaches