21 thoughts on “19-01-13

  1. Friday18.1.13
    Breakfast:paleo pancakes with raisins and honey and half a cup of almond milk
    Lunch:salad,chicken and egg
    Tea:pork and veg
    Snacks:strawberries,raspberries and grapes,carrot and banana muffin,carrot and banana muffin
    Drinks:water,tea with almond milk
    Sleep:8 hours
    Rest day:stretched and rolled,run in the snow

    1. 18.01.2013
      Breakfast paleo pancakes
      Dinner omelette and sausage
      Tea chicken veg and sweet potato
      Snacks granola

      Walked an hour to crossfit
      WOD 1 prowler, 10 pull ups and 10 wall balls 5 rounds
      Walked an hour home
      Sleep 7 hours (excited for the snow)

  2. WOD 5:37 (at home) 3 rounds
    10 med ball cleans
    10 burpees
    3 HSPU

    Breakfast-paleo pancakes
    Dinner-beef curry
    Tea- homemade burgers, with red peppers, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, carrot an red cabbage.
    Snack-protein shake and granola.

    Sleep 10 hours

  3. Day 11. (Thursday) Sleep 10 hrs,

    Breakfast – granola and almond milk
    Lunch – Paleo pie
    Snack – granola, muffin
    Dinner – chicken, cauliflower rice & pepper.
    Drink – green tea

    Rest day , mobility and stretches

    7 points

  4. Day 12 (Friday) sleep – 10 hrs

    Breakfast – granola with almond milk
    Lunch – gammon and mushrooms
    Tea – chicken with peppers
    Snack – trial mix, muffin

    Exercise – m

  5. Day 12 (Friday) sleep – 10 hrs

    Breakfast – granola with almond milk
    Lunch – gammon and mushrooms
    Tea – chicken with peppers
    Snack – trial mix, muffin

    Exercise – mobility, stretches and long walk in the snow!

    7 points

  6. Wod:16:55
    Breakfast:half a cup of almond milk and fruit (banana.straweverries,cranberries)
    Lunch:paleo pancakes with raisin and coconut
    Tea:sweet potato,chicken,salad and salmon
    Snacks:clementine,carrot and banana muffin,apple
    Drinks:water,protein shake(post wod),black coffee and tea with almond milk
    Sleep:8 hours

  7. 9.5 hrs
    B- 2xeggs mackerel spinach and yellow pepper, pear
    L Almond pancakes blueberries
    D steak mushrooms and salad
    Sn nuts, seeds, 85%dark chock, bananax2
    Dr coffee, fruit t, soda water, water
    Mobs 40 mins yoga
    5 hrs walking/scrambling in the Beacons with ice axes and crampons gotta love this weather:-)
    7 points

  8. 18/1/12
    3 mile walk in snow. Sledging.
    Wod at home –
    Wod 1 – 20 burps, 20 hogs, 20 left hand and right hand snatches, 20 kb thirsters . 7.5kg – 5.18.
    Wod 2 – 3 min amrap – kb thrusters 7.5kg – 65
    wod 3 3min amrap – left and right jumping front kicks (to develop calves)- 204

    Breakfast – 2 slices beef, few beef jerky, 4 walnuts.
    Lunch – Paleo beanless chilli and 1 banana
    Dinner 2 egg omelette with a dash of almond milk.
    Super!!!ummm – bealness chilli

    snacks- few walnuts, 3 strawbs, 1 tsp honey, 2tsp almond butter, 1 slice beef.

    No stretching or mobility

    sleep 8hrs


  9. sat 19/1/13

    2mile jog/walk from bare to to trecenydd traffic lights in the snow.
    max pressup(chest to floor) 5
    max hand stand hold (feet against wall 0.39)

    wod – 20 air squats, 2o pullups, 20 sit ups, 20 hogs, 20kb thrusters (7.5)- 3.35

    Breakfast – Red pepper omlette.
    Lunch Tuna with balsamic vinegar.
    Dinner – chicken norma with cauliflower rice(large portion)
    snacks 2 carrot and banana muffins, few walnuts, few raisins, 1 medjoul date. Fruit salad , (10 pineapple chunks, 2 strawbs, 2 grapes 2 water melon chunks, 2 apple slices)

    Drinks 1 tea, 1 coffee, 1/2 litter of water.

    No stretching

    sleep 8hrs

    6 points.

  10. Sat 19.1.13
    3 mile hike round town through snow & shopping

    Breakfast: sausages & chopped tomatoes
    L: scrambled eggs & chopped tomatoes
    D: granola & almond milk

    Snacks: 2 muffins, granola, apple

    Cheat: half a latte 🙁

    Drink: 2litres water, 2 blk coffees, coconut water

    Sleep 10 hours

    6 points

  11. Day 10 of challenge: 18-01-13
    Bed at 10.30pm up at 8am = 9.5 hours sleep
    500ml water
    Breakfast: paleo pancake
    500ml water
    Lunch: bowl of leftover mince
    Dinner: chicken on a skewer (portos restaurant) served with cauliflower, carrots and green beans.
    Snacks: blueberries, 1 protein ball, fruit smoothie

    No training due to snow and bed at 1.30am

    6 points

    Day 11 of challenge: 19-01-13
    Bed at 1.30am up at 9.30am= 8 hours
    500ml water
    Breakfast: 2 protein balls
    Lunch: 1/2 a Nandos chicken
    Dinner: lean turkey mince with onion, carrots and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil with gluten free gravy served with sweet potato chips
    Snacks: mixed fruit salad

    No training and bed at 1am

    6 points

  12. Saturday 19th
    Breakfast- 3 bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms and tomato
    Dinner-4 pork chops with carrot and swede
    Tea- paleo pancakes
    Snack- curly wurly (Woops)

    Rest day

    Sleep 8 hours

  13. Exercise- WOD = 4 hour walk in the snow
    Sleep-8 hours

    Breakfast- 2 paleo pancakes with peanut butter.
    Green tea, water

    Snacks-1 courgette muffin. Popcorn in cinema (salted)

    Lunch- 3 turkey rashers, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms.

    Dinner- Late brekie and lunch meant that I didnt have dinner!

    Drinks, water, green tea.

    Stretch and roll

  14. 18-01-13
    Brekkie-3 egg omlette, tomato, spinach and peppers
    Lunch-sausages, tomato, spinach and celery
    Tea-paleo pancakes
    Drinks-tea, protein drink and water

    Exercise- 10 x 10kg dumbbell thrusters, 3×3 15kg thrusters and a walk to the shop!
    Sleep- 8 hours

  15. 19-01-13
    No exercise, no stretching
    Brekkie, lunch same as everyday! Tea- steak with sweet potato chips
    Snacks- coconut, banana, nuts
    Drinks- water, tea
    Sleep 8 hours
    6 points

  16. 18/01/13
    WOD in garage Deadlifts 5,5,5,3,3,3 worked up to 150K
    Then for time 5 x 115K dealift, 10 x burpee – 5 rounds 6:08

    Breakfast 2 poached eggs, 2 x bacon, sausage, apple
    Lunch Roast beef with roasted beetroot
    Dinner Slow roast Lamb, mixed vegetables

    Drinks water, coffee, green tea
    8 hrs sleep

    Foam Rolled, Stretch, gave my creaking right shoulder some TLC
    Dragged my children around in a sledge

    Breakfast Scrambled eggs, Bacon, banana
    Lunch Tinned mackeral and salsd
    Dinner Homemade chicken curry

    Drinks water, coffee, almond milk
    9 hours sleep

  17. 7.5 hrs
    B 2 egg omelette 1/4 avocado spinach green bean salad
    L sweet pot jacket, tuna salad (peppers onion celery carrot courgette)
    D mixed grill egg mushroom tomato carrots broccoli
    Sn apple datesx2 85% dark chock
    40 mins yoga 30 mins hill walk
    7 pts

  18. Saturday 19.01.13
    Wod – Fran at home 9.17
    Paleo challange – 2 points, ate paleo mostly but had 4beers and missed dinner (sisters birthday party)