Wod 17-1-13

13 thoughts on “Wod 17-1-13

  1. Wod 114 thrusters +Phill’s 40!
    Brekkie- 2 egg omlette with spinach, tomato and peppers
    Lunch- chicken and sweet potato mash
    Tea- paleo pancakes
    Snacks- small pack of cashew nuts with cranberries, pineapple
    Drinks- water and tea
    Sleep thanks to the snow 8 1/2!
    Points 7

  2. Wod:190 thrusters (me and Jenks)
    Breakfast: paleo pancakes (2 eggs,banana raisin,coconut,honey) with half cup of almond milk.
    Lunch:chicken,bacon and salad
    Tea:veg and chicken
    Snacks:plum,strawberries,raspberries and grapes,banana and carrot muffin,apple,green veg
    Drinks:water and protein shake (post wod)
    Sleep: 8 hours


  3. Breakfast 2eggs, 2 egg whites scrambled, smoked salmon
    Snack Almonds and berries
    Lunch chicken with mushrooms, onions, spinach
    Snack slices of roast beef, banana

    Worked until 21:30 then went to Tesco Metro to panic buy meat 🙂
    had some beef and left over sausage when I got home

    No workout today

    7 hours sleep

  4. Breakfast- Bacon, eggs and tomatoes
    Lunch- Chicken, pepper and s/onion omelette
    Dinner- Chicken and Veg
    Snacks- Carrots, broccoli, blueberries

    WOD- 100 thrusters with plate RXD
    Sleep- 8 hours

  5. WOD 191 thrusters with Sammy RX’d
    Breakfast- scrambled eggs
    Dinner- chicken salad with nuts. Bacon, mushrooms, tomato and spinach.
    Tea- beef curry with cauliflower rice
    Snack- 2 muffins, orange

    Sleep 10 hours

    1. Breakfast fruit salad
      Dinner chicken stir fry
      Tea omelette
      Snacks granola

      Half hour walking the dog
      8 hours sleep

  6. 2 sausages, melon & grapes
    Beef madras & green veg
    Chicken shush kebab & salad
    Granola, muffin, dried apricots
    3 litres water
    8 hours sleep

    WOD 207 thrusters with Red RX (yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!)
    7 points

  7. Fri 18
    9.5 hrs 🙂
    laverbread 2x eggs spinach, pear
    Thai green curry prawns
    Coriander chic veg stir fry
    Sn sliced chic, orange
    Coffee fruit t herbal t water, glass coconut milk
    Mobs fr back & legs, rotator cuff tennis ball, broom handle, wall angels

  8. Day 10. Sleep – 8 hrs

    Breakfast – granola and almond milk
    Lunch – 2 soft boiled eggs
    Snack – granola
    Dinner – sweet and sour chicken balls 🙁

    WOD – squats, box jumps and kb swings
    Time – 14.49

    6 points

  9. Wod 280 thruster and shuttle RX with Mair

    Breakfast bacon ommlette with 2xeggs and almond milk

    Lunch beanless chilli

    Dinner paleo beanless chilli with cauliflower

    Snacks 3tsp almond butter, few blueberries, 2x strawb, 3tsp coconnut shredds, 1 banana, 1 apple.

    Drinks 1 coffe, 1 camomile tea, 1 apple and blueberry tea, 1/2 litre of water.

    Stretching post wod

    8hrs sleep


  10. Exercise-WOD 288 thrusters with Darren. 20 min dog walk

    Breakfast- Shake-1 banana with peanut butter, almond milk and ground linseed, goja berries, sesame seeds all blended.
    Green tea, water, beetroot juice

    Lunch- Turkey rashers, spinach, red pepper and beetroot salad.

    Snacks- paleo courgette muffin, tangerine

    Dinner- grilled mackeral (x2) spinach, kale.

    Drinks, green tea, water

    Sleep 7 hours

  11. Day 10 of challenge: 17-01-13
    Bed at 10pm up at 6am= 8 hours sleep
    500ml water
    Breakfast: 2 homemade paleo protein balls( almond flour, almond butter, tsp honey)
    500ml water
    Lunch: pack of m and s chicken 150g and a 5 fruit pack (mango, pineapple, melon and grape)
    Snacks: 9 almonds, 1 protein ball, , espresso, raspberries, coconut chunks and 1 glass of almond milk
    Dinner: Extra lean mince with onion, carrots and mushrooms in gluten free gravy

    5.30 Crossfit Wod 207 thrusters with Loz, hardcore cardio Wod!

    Bed at 10.30pm

    7 points