Wod 15-01-13

12 thoughts on “Wod 15-01-13

  1. Day 9 of challenge: 15-01-13
    Woke up at 6am
    500ml water
    Breakfast: 2 turkey rashers in a 3 egg omelette
    500ml water
    Lunch: Asda Chinese chicken skewers 140g, Asda mango, melon and pineapple pack
    Dinner at hotel: Chicken breast with spinach, mushrooms, parsnips and carrots
    500ml water
    Snacks: handful of almonds and pistachio nuts, blueberries 2 small paleo flapjacks, black coffee


    Bed at 10pm

    Total 7 points

    I’m feeling fat today 🙁

  2. WOD 9 rounds at 40kg/15/44
    Breakfast-blueberry Paleo pancakes, handfulmofnwalnuts
    Dinner-?chicken and Mediterranean veg, orange
    Tea- fish pie
    Snacks- 2 muffins, apple. Granola
    Sleep 7 1/2 hours

  3. Exercise- 40 mins swim.

    Breakfast-Smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs, mushrooms
    Green tea + water

    Snacks- 1 tangerine, coconut cup, 1 small bag of 100% organic beetroot crisps

    Lunch- Turkey bolognese (left overs from night before)

    Dinner- 2 egg omlette with kale and asparagus

    Drinks- Water, peppermint tea, 1 cup of hot water

    Supplements- iron tablets and cod liver oil

    Sleep- 8 hours

  4. Breakfast- 2 muffins
    Lunch- Chicken Omelette
    Dinner- Chicken, salad and sweet potatoes
    Snacks- Banana, blueberries, nuts and seeds
    3 ltrs of Water, 2 tea w/almond milk
    WOD- 11 rounds, 6 DU, 57 Squats

    Sleep- 8 hours
    7 points

  5. WOD 10 rounds 35kg/16/60
    Breakfast Fruit salad
    Lunch Omelette
    Tea Stew
    Snacks granola and muffin

    Sleep 8 hours

    7 points

  6. Wod:10/24/56
    Breakfast:paleo quiche (egg,chicken and onion) with half a cup of almond milk
    Lunch:salad,egg and tuna
    Tea:chicken and veg and egg
    Snacks:blueberries,banana and carrot muffin,handful of strawberries grapes and raspberries,clementine and peo granola
    Stretched and rolled


  7. WOD 10 Rds + 2 Power cleans @ 70K 205 su, 50 squats

    Breakfast 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 bacon
    Lunch Paleo cottage pie Broccoli carrots
    Dinner Mixed grill steak, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onion, broccoli

    6 hours sleep

  8. Wod 10rounds @ 40kg , 140 singles, 64 squats

    Breakfast 1 sausage with casserole

    Lunch – plain omlette and 1 muffin

    Dinner 4xsausage and casserole.

    Snacks 2x bacon slices, 1 carrot and bannana muffin, 1/2tsp honey, few pieces beef jerky, 3tsp almond butter, 4x tsp. Shredded coconnut.few blueberries.

    Drink 1 x coffee, 1 x mango herbal tea, 1 litre water.


    Sleep 7.5

    7 points.

  9. No Wod- meeting all day and stayed over in Poole
    Brekkie- 2 sausages, 2 bacon, tomato and poached egg
    Lunch- carrots, celery, peppers, apple, pineapple, banana, part of a sausage wrap (removed all outer layers of wrap!
    Tea- burger with a handful, of chips and a dessert! Believe me I felt shite for eating in and am gutted!
    No snacks
    Drinks- water
    7 1/2 hours sleep
    5 points and I need to complete a punishment on Sunday

  10. Wod 9:47
    Brekkie- 2 sausage, 2 bacon, poached egg and tomato
    Lunch- 1/4 chicken sandwich, celery, peppers, carrots
    Tea- 2 sausage, turkey rashers, coconut, pineapple, kiwi fruit
    Snacks- none
    Drinks- water and tea
    7 1/2 hours sleep
    6 points
    Will complete punishment Sunday for my sandwich

  11. Breakfast – 2 sausages, melon
    Lunch sausage casserole
    Dinner 2 lamb chops, steak, salad
    Snacks muffin, granola
    Drinks blk coffee, coconut water, 2 litres water

    Wod 8 rounds @ 30kg, 153 skips, 45 squats