WOD 14-01-13

11 thoughts on “WOD 14-01-13

  1. Wod:3rouds,100hogs,2 rounds,7 hogs
    Stretched and rolled
    Breakfast:paleo quiche (eggs,chicken,onion) with half a cup of almond milk.
    Lunch:salad ad chicken
    Tea:chicken,sprouts,carrots,sweet potato mash,broccoli and onions.
    Snacks:clementine,2x banana and carrot muffins,blueberries,grapes,apple,banana and and blueberry muffin,paleo granola
    Drinks:water,boiled water,protein shake (post wod)
    8 hours sleep


  2. WOD 3 rounds, 100 hogs round 2 48 hogs

    Breakfast – Gluten free sausage, bacon, apple
    Lunch Chicken salad, lettuce, tomoatoes, spring onion, cucumber
    Dinner – Paleo Cottage pie, runner beans

    Snack – Almonds, Dried fruit, banana
    Drinks – Water, Green tea, Coffee and tea with almond milk
    6 hours sleep

  3. Wod – 3 rounds 100hogs 2 rounds 20 hogs

    Breakfast 2x bacon an 2x eggs

    Lunch- Tuna with onion balsamic and lemon juice.

    Dinner -paleo shepperds pie.

    Snacks 2x bannana and carrot muffins and some left over mixture, 1/4 th cup of nuts and cocconut shreds few blueberries, egg, 1 tsp almond butter, 1/2 tsp honey.

    Drinks 2 litres water , 2 coffe with almond milk, 1 x Strawberry and vanilla herbal tea.

    Mobility and stretching

    Sleep 5 1/2 – 6 points

  4. WOD 3 rounds, 100 HOGS, 2 rounds, 50 HOGS, 2 lengths bear crawl.
    Breakfast-blueberry paleo pancakes
    Dinner- omlette with spinach and red peppers
    Tea- chicken with courgette, aubergene, carrots, red and yellow peppers and tomatoes.
    Snack- 2 orange, 3 blueberry muffins

    7 hours

  5. Breakfast- 2 muffins
    Lunch- Bacon, mushroom and pepper omelette
    Dinner- Salmon and veg
    Snacks- Nuts and seeds, carrots and blueberries
    CHEAT- Galaxy caramel Chocolate (it was soooo worth it)

    WOD- 4 rounds 100 HOGS
    Sleep- 7.5 hours

    6 points

    1. WOD 4 rounds 100 hoggs
      Breakfast fruit salad
      Lunch sausage bacon and egg
      Tea paleo stew
      Snacks granola and muffin

      Sleep 8 hours

  6. Day 8 Sleep- 10 hrs

    Breakfast – muffin, trail mix, tea with almond milk.
    Lunch – 2x soft boiled eggs, tea with almond milk.
    Dinner – Spicey stir fry with balsamic vinegar and mixed spice, green tea.

    Snack – granola

    Exercise – beatcrawlhell, k2e, hogs.
    Total – 3rnds + 61 hogs

    1000m row ‘punishment’ for Sunday

    7 points

  7. Day 8 of Challenge: 14-01-13
    Bed at 11.30pm woke up at 7.30am= 8hrs sleep
    500ml water
    Breakfast: 3 turkey rashers in a 3 egg omelette
    500ml water
    Lunch: 100g of plain chicken, pineapple, mango and strawberry snack pack
    1 litre of water
    Dinner: 100g of plain chicken, loz’s paleo muffin and a teaspoon of almond butter
    Snacks: homemade paleo flapjack, Jess paleo muffin. 🙂

    6.30 Crossfit Strength training and Wod, did 100 hogs and completed bear crawls and k2e

    Bed at 11pm
    Total 7 points

  8. No wod rest day
    Brekkie- 3 egg omelette with tomato, peppers and spinach
    Lunch- sausages, spinach
    Tea-chicken with salad
    Snacks- small pack of nuts, apple, pear, coconut
    Drinks- water, tea
    8 hours sleep

  9. Breakfast – 2egg omelette, 4 dried apricots
    Lunch beef casserole
    Dinner beef stir fry

    Snacks banana, granola, paleo ice cream
    Drinks blk coffee, 2 litres water, coconut water

    Wod 3 rounds 100 HOG 1 round 48 HOG
    Sleep 8 hours
    7 points