Paleo results

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  1. Day 7 – Sleep = 10 hrs

    Breakfast – muffin, tea with almond milk

    Lunch – Sunday roast (parsnip, cabbage, carrots, beef and lamb), diet coke 🙁 (-1)

    Tea – Paleo Pie, Green Tea.

    Snack – handful of nuts, muffin.

    mobility/exercise – 3 x 10 reps 17.5kg benchpress
    3 x 5 reps (each arm) 6kg curls
    12 reps (each arm) 3kg curls

    10 mins stretches

    Score – 6

  2. WOD Kelly scaled 21:44
    Breakfast- cranberry, blueberry and almond milk smoothie. Banana.
    Dinner- steak, green beans and carrots.
    Tea- paleo pancakes. Bacon and eggs.
    Snacks- paleo granola. Blueberries. Balsamic roasted carrots.

    MobilIty work
    8 hours sleep

  3. 400m runx 4
    Front squats
    Ring dips

    Stretch and roll

    Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled,onion and half cup of almond milk.
    Lunch:chicken,sweet potato mash with broccoli and onion
    Snacks:clementine x2,carrot and banana muffin,apple,paleo ice crea (coco and coconut),
    Drinks:water and boiled water

    8 hour sleep

    Day 7: 7 points

  4. Day 7
    Rest Day
    Breakfast sausage, bacon and tomatoes
    Dinner pancakes
    Tea Omelette
    snacks muffin and granola
    sleep 8 hours

  5. 5 mile walk to Pen y Van

    Breakfast. -2 x eggs, 1 avocado.

    Lunch 5x topside beef slices, handful blueberries and almond flakes, 1 medium apple ,1 egg.

    Dinner 3 x gluten free pork sausages with brocoli and carrots.

    Snacks – bannana, few pumpkin seeds and raisins, 3tsp almond butter, 1 tsp honey, 1 medjoul date, 1tsp shredded coconnut, 8 pickled onions.

    Drinks 2x cup of tea with almond milk, 2 x coffe with almond milk, 2 x litres of water.

    Mobility 20mins

    Sleep 7.5hrs

    7 points

  6. 9 Hours Sleep
    Stretch foam roll, snatch practice, OH squat
    Breakfast – apple banana coffee with almond milk
    Lunch – Roast chicken, Broccoli, cauli, carrots
    Dinner – Cottage pie (cauliflower topping)

  7. Monday 14/1/13
    Breakfast – banana and granola
    Lunch – beef stew
    Dinner- roast beef, swede, carrots and sprouts
    Snacks- apple, nuts and seeds, clementine

    5 rds +7 hogs

    8 hours sleep

  8. Couldn’t note this yesterday due to rugby and work.

    Sunday 13/1/13

    Exercise- 35 minute walk
    Rugby game
    20 mins stretch

    Breakfast- Green tea, water
    Apple, banana, paleo coconut cup

    Lunch/Dinner- Sunday dinner (chicken) with sprouts, green beans, carrots and a few small roasties ( I couldn’t resist)

    Drinks- Peppermint tea, water, small glass of almond milk

    Supplements- Iron tablets, cod liver oil

  9. Today’s diet- 14/1/13

    Exercise- Rest day and very busy day at work but did 20 mins stretch due to having a slight calf injury.

    Breakfast- 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon and 2 raw mushrooms.
    Green tea, water

    Lunch- 2 Turkey rashers, salad leaves, beetroot, avocado, red peppers.

    Snacks- Handful of mixed plain nuts, 1 paleo coconut cup, apple and tangerine.

    Dinner- Turkey bolognese with tomatoes, onions, red peppers, mushrooms and courguettes, black pepper.

    Drinks, Water, acai berry tea.

  10. Rest day. Stretching and use of foam roller at home.

    7 points paleo challenge

    P.s I’m keeping a food/training/sleep log which I will hand in at the end, it’s a pain to type my food every day as I can only use my iPad.

  11. Rest day – used roller & did some OHS mobility

    Breakfast: 3 turkey rashers, 2 eggs, chopped tomatoes& mushrooms
    Lunch: sausage casserole
    Dinner: beef curry & green veg
    Snacks: granola, coconut, melon
    Drinks: 2 litres water, 1 coconut water

    Sleep 9 hours
    7 points

  12. Breakfast- Pancakes with blueberries
    Lunch- Chicken and Sweet potato mash
    Dinner- Chicken stuffed with mushrooms and leeks wrapped in bacon and broccoli
    Snacks- Mussin, Granola, Watermelon
    mobility @ home
    Sleep- 9 hours
    Rest day
    7 points

  13. Tuesday 15/1/13

    Breakfast : omelette with peppers, onions and spinach. Banana
    Lunch: beef stew
    Dinner: chicken casserole with sweet potato, carrot, peppers and broccoli.
    Snacks: apple, clementine, nuts and seeds

    Excercise: mobility and roller, pull ups @ home. Touch rugby

    Sleep 7.5 hours

  14. Day 7 of challenge: 13-01-13
    Bed at 11.30 woke up at 10am = 9.5 hrs sleep 🙂
    Breakfast: 3 turkey rashers in a 3 egg omelette
    Lunch: 1 egg, almonds, blueberries
    Dinner: 1 Nandos chicken breast with ratatouille
    Snacks: glass of almond milk, teaspoon almond butter

    Went for a 5 mile hike up to Pen Y Fan- burnt 1900 calories 🙂

    Bed at 11.30pm
    Total 7 points

    Total for week: 48 points

  15. Wednesday 16/1/13
    Breakfast: apple, banana and granola
    Lunch: beef salad with grated carrot, spring onion and peppers
    Dinner: chicken casserole with broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts and sweet potato
    Snacks: nuts and seeds, apple, 2 clementines

    Wod – 10:46

    Sleep 7.5 hours