Wod 12-1-13

13 thoughts on “Wod 12-1-13

  1. REST DAY but completed 1000m row (punishment for the dark chocolate last night)

    1 dog walk 25 mins
    20 mins stretch and physio session

    Breakfast- bowl of fruit (1 kiwi, 5 physalis, handful of grapes, 1 tblspn of mixed nuts and flaxseed, handful of blueberries and grapes.

    Snacks- N/A

    Lunch- 3 turket rashers, tomatoes, 2 poached eggs and 2 mushrooms

    Drinks, Green tea with lemon, 1 coffee with almond milk, water 500ml (x2) beetroot juice diluted.

    Dinner- Baked salmon fillet with corguettes, asparagus and kale.

    Supplements- perscribed iron tablets and cod liver oil

  2. Victoria wod 25.33 Ouch!!

    Breakfast – 2× bacon rashers, 2 x turkey rashers, 2x eggs

    Lunch – paleo bolognaise on its own.

    Dinner – chicken breast with sundried tomatoes, carrots brocolii and sweet potato.

    Snacks 115g british cured ham, 1/2 cup nuts and seeds, few blueberries, 1x bannana with 2x tsp almond butter sprinkled with shredded coconnut.

    Drinks 1.5 litres water, 2x coffee with almond milk, 1 x black decaf coffee.


    Sleep will have minimum 8hrs this evening.


  3. Wod: 15:05 (3rounds)
    Brekkie:3 eggs scrambled,2 turkey rashers and onion and half a cup of almond milk
    Lunch:chicken,sweet potato mash,broccoli and onion
    Tea:small salad and chicken
    Snacks: grapes,clementine,peo granola,apple,banana and carrot muffin
    Drinks:water and black tea x1 cup,protein shake (after wod)

    Sleep 8 hours
    Day 6:7 points

  4. WOD from 10/01/13 in the garage All rx’d KB, Pull up WOD 7:36
    Breakfast – 2 poached eggs, 2 bacon, banana
    Lunch, Green salad with ham, gluten free sausage, poached egg
    Dinner – Roast lamb, roasted root veg

    Green tea, coffee with almond milk, 1 orange, 1 apple

    9 hours sleep

    1. Victoria WOD 30.36
      Breakfast bacon egg and tomatoes
      Lunch Omelette
      Tea steak and salad
      Snack granola
      Sleep 8.5 hours
      7 points

  5. Breakfast- 3 bacon and 2 eggs
    Dinner-turkey, tomoato, spinach, onion, garlic, carrots and runner beans.
    Tea- omlette
    Snacks-granola, apple, orange.

    Rest day
    Mobility work
    8 hours sleep

  6. WOD 24:43
    Brekkie- omelette with tomato, spinach and peppers
    Lunch-pigs in blankets, celery, tomatoes and spinach
    Tea-home made burgers with sweet potato fries
    Snacks- paleo pancakes, jerky, apple and granola
    Drinks- water and tea x3
    Sleep 9 hours
    7 points

  7. Wod: 24.26 (20kg bar, 12kg kb)

    Breakfast: protein shake
    Lunch: beef slices, salad
    Dinner: 1/2 chicken, salad

    Snacks: 8 dried apricots, handful blueberries & almonds

    Drinks: 3 litres water, 100ml almond milk, espresso

    Sleep 7.5 hours

    7 points

  8. Breakfast- eggs bacon and tomato
    Lunch- banana pancakes
    Dinner- beef stew
    Snacks- blueberries, muffin, granola

    WOD- Victoria with 20kg bar and 12kg kb 22.33
    Sleep- 10 hours!

    7 points

  9. Day 6
    8.5 hrs sleep

    Breakfast – green tea, muffin.
    Lunch – mushroom stir fry with balsamic vinegar
    Tea – chicken, ham and diced peppers
    Drinks – 2 x tea with almond milk
    Snacks – muffin, nuts.

    WOD – Victoria, 34.09

    7 points

  10. Day 6 of challenge: 12-01-13
    Bed at 1am up at 8am= 7hrs
    500ml water
    Breakfast: 1 protein shake
    Lunch: 1 Nandos chicken breast with sweet potato mash
    Dinner: half a cooked chicken with a small portion of parsnips, carrots and spinach.
    A small piece of homemade birthday cake 🙁 -1
    snacks: teaspoon almond butter, 8 almonds, handful of blueberries
    2 litres of water throughout day

    9am: crossfit Wod Victoria Time 22.31 did 2 rounds with a 30kg bar and 16kg Kettlebell then the other 3 rounds with 20kg bar and 10kg kettlebell

    Bed at 11.30pm

    Total 6 points