Wod 11-1-13

11 thoughts on “Wod 11-1-13

  1. Wod 8min Amrap of the above-2 rounds +up to 8 burpees
    Brekkkie- 3 egg omelette with tomato, spinach and peppers
    Lunch-sausages, celery, spinach and tomato
    Tea- steak, broccoli, suede
    Snacks- handful of nuts, apple, 3 plums and jerky.
    Drinks- tea x2 and water
    Sleep 8 1/2 hours

  2. Wod 1 (Thursday’s wod):5:54
    Wod 2: 4 full rounds
    Breakfast:3eggs scrambled,2 turkey rashers and onion,half a cup of almond milk
    Lunch:salad and chicken and half a glass of almond milk
    Tea:chicken,sweet potato mash,broccoli and onion
    Snacks: clementine,handful of strawberries,grapes and raspberries, 3 almonds,paleo granola,protein shake
    Drinks: water

    Stretched and rolled,8 hours sleep

    Day5 points 7

  3. Day 5
    Sleep- 10 hours

    Breakfast – 2 soft boiled eggs, tea with almond milk.
    Lunch – veg stir fry with pork, tea with almond milk
    Dinner – Paleo pie, tea with almond milk

    Snacks – 2 x muffins, mixed nuts.

    6 points as no mobility

  4. Exercise- WOD 4 rounds of the above
    2 dog walks (1 hour in total)
    20 mins stretch
    9 hours sleep (woooohhoo)

    Breakfast- 2 egg omlette with 2 raw mushrooms and a handful of spinach

    Snacks- 1 kiwi + 3 physalis, 3 carrot sticks with peanut butter, dark chocolate!

    Lunch- 2 chicken breasts, beetroot, avocado and red pepper sticks.

    Dinner- Baked salmon with cajun spices. Asparagus and kale.

    Drinks- Green tea x2. Peppermint tea. Water. 500ml of diluted beetroot juice.

  5. WOD 4 rounds
    Breakfast- apple, orange and 2 turkey bacon
    Dinner- beef curry
    Tea-2 chicken breast wrapped in bacon and spinach with scrambled eggs.
    Snacks- handful almonds. Paleo granola. Orange

    Mobility and stretching
    9 hours sleep

  6. Dawn Patrol

    Breakfast – 2 poached eggs, 2 gluten free sausages, 1 apple, handful of blueberries
    Lunch – Turkey meatloaf, Broccoli, cauli. carrots
    Dinner – Beef Chilli, Baked sweet potato (this meal just reminded me how much I hate sweet potatoes)

    Snacks dried fruit, nuts,

    Around 5 hours sleep

  7. Breakfast- chicken, bacon, mushroom, onion and tomato
    Lunch- chicken omelette and banana
    Dinner- chicken, salad and sweet potato
    Snacks- blueberries, strawberries, carrots, nuts and seeds
    Sleep- 7.5 hours
    WOD- 16 min amrap partnered
    Points- 7

  8. Rest day

    Breakfast -1 avocado and 2 eggs

    Lunch -Stirfry chicken

    Dinner 2 x koffte kebab, 1 chicken kebab, with salad and olive oil and lemon.

    Snacks 1/2 dragon fruit, 2x orange segments, 1/4 cup nuts and seeds, 1 topside beef slice, blueberries, bite of bannana.50g pack of beef jerky.

    Drinks, 2x coffee with almond milk. 2litres of water, fresh orange, apple carrot and ginger smoothie, 1 x red mint tea.

    Sleep 71/2 hours


    7 points

  9. Rest day – stretching & roller

    Breakfast – I GF sausage, 4 dried apricots, melon
    Lunch – lean mince & veg
    Dinner – meat (shitloads), salad bar, pineapple & cinnamon

    Snacks- coconut chunks, handful trail mix

    Drinks – 2litres water, cup coconut water, 2 fruit juice cocktails

    Sleep (thurs-fri) 8 hours

    7 points

  10. Day 5 of Challenge 11-01-13
    Bed at 10.30pm woke up at 6.30am= 8hrs
    500ml water
    Breakfast: 3 turkey rashers and 3 eggs scrambled
    500ml water
    Lunch: salmon with avocado, lettuce and mango and 1 boiled egg.
    A small mixed fruit salad
    Dinner: ate in viva brazil which consisted of different meats, small amounts of each plus salad bar and pineapple with cinnamon to end.
    Snacks/Drinks: almonds, handful of berries, 2 fruit smoothies.

    Rest Day!
    Total 7 points