WOD 10-01-13

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  1. Rest day-stretched and rolled at home
    8 hours sleep
    Brekkie:2 hard boiled eggs and clementine with half a cup of almond milk
    Lunch:salad and chicken
    Tea:3 small pork chops (no fat) and veg
    Snacks:handful of strawberries,grapes and raspberries,clementine,raw runner beans,paleo banana and carrot muffin,blueberries
    Water and boiled water


  2. WOD 8:56 Rx

    Breakfast- 3 bacon and 2 eggs
    Dinner-tuna with tomatoes
    Tea-beef curry with cauliflower rice. Paleo ice cream.
    Snacks- 2 carrots, an apple, handful of almonds. Paleo granola.

    Stretched. Slept 8 hours
    7 points

  3. Day 4 of challenge 10-01-13
    Bed at 10.30 woke at 7am
    500ml water
    Breakfast: left over extra lean mince made with coconut oil, mushrooms carrots, onion and gluten free gravy.
    500ml water
    Lunch: Nandos plain chicken breast with sweet potato mash
    500ml water
    Dinner: chicken with asparagus, avocado and 3 turkey rashers
    Snacks: melon, handful of coconut chunks, small glass of almond milk, tablespoon of almond butter.

    5.30 Crossfit
    Strength- 30,20,10 30kg back squat, 20kg push press
    Scaled Wod- 18,16, 10,6
    Pull ups, 12kg kettlebell swings
    (ate chicken straight after) 
    1 litre of water 
    Small glass of almond milk

    Bed at 10.30pm
    Total 7 points. 

  4. Day 4 – 8 hours sleep

    Breakfast – 3 egg omlette with onion and red pepper
    Lunch – Hot and spicey stir fry with balsamic vinegar
    Snack – 2 home made paleo muffins, handful of brasil nuts, currants
    Dinner – Mixed pepper stir fry with balsamic vinegar, chargrilled chicken slices.
    Drinks – 2x black tea, 1 tea with almond milk.


    7 points

  5. WOD/mobility: roller, 6.19 (scaled – 12kg & jumping pull ups)

    Breakfast – 1 sausage, i egg, 70g melon, 20g grapes
    Lunch – paleo pie & green veg (only ate half, no appetite)
    Dinner – Shake & small portion paleo beef curry (not hungry again)

    Snacks – 4 dried apricots, handful trail mix, C&B muffin
    Drinks – 2.5 litres water
    Sleep – 9 hours

    7 points

  6. Day 4
    Wod 5.04
    Breakfast – Apple
    Dinner – Small steak and boiled egg
    Tea – beanless chilli
    snacks handfull of nuts
    sleep 8 hours
    7 points

  7. Exercise- Dawn patrol, Time for WOD- 4:58. 8 hours sleep is very difficult to achieve when wodding in the morning.
    Dog walk-20 mins
    Rugby training 1 1/2 hours
    Physio session- 25 mins stretching

    Breakfast- Green tea with lemon, 2 glasses of water
    1 banana, 1 tblspn of cinnamon, 2 tblspn of natural peanut butter, and 100ml of unsweetened almond milk- blended.

    Snacks- Handful of blueberries, handful of almonds, cup of coffee with almond milk (rank)

    Lunch- 2 small chicken breasts in a tomato and onion sauce, red pepper sticks and raw corguette sticks.

    Dinner- Baked tuna steak, fistful of kale and a fistful of broccoli.

    Supplements- Perscribed iron tablets, cod liver oil

  8. Breakfast- sausages, boiled egg and tomato
    Lunch- chicken omelette
    Dinner- chicken, bacon and veg in chopped tomatoes
    Snacks- peppers, carrots, blueberries, banana, banana and blueberry muffin, nuts and seeds

    Drinks- 3.5ltr of water, 1 green tea, 1 tea with almond milk

    WOD- 6.47 with 12kg kb
    Sleep- 7.5 hours

  9. Strength -RX Squats and Push press30kg

    Wod 8.08 Rx’d

    Breakfast- 4 egg. Bacon omlette(2 white 2 yolk, 2 rashers bacon)

    Lunch- Tuna vinager lemon juice and onion.

    Dinner- Chicken Stirfry with paleo Thai sauce , cooked in coconut oil.(Still ate it burnt lol)

    Snacks – Hand full of nuts seeds and a few raisins, 2 slices of topside beef, 1/2 a dragon fruit, bite of a bannana, 3 orange segments, few blueberries

    Drinks – Camomile ans spiced apple herbal tea, 1 coffe with almond milk, 2 litres of water

    Mobility – post wod and at home.

    Sleep 7.30 hrs

    Points 7

  10. WOD 6:30 scaled pull ups 16kg KB
    Brekkie- 3 egg omelette tomato, spinach and peppers
    Lunch-sausages, spinach, celery and tomato
    Tea- paleo pancakes
    Snacks-melon, apple, plums, handful of nuts
    Drinks- tea with Almond milk x2, water
    Sleep- 7hours40mins
    7 points

  11. Breakfast – 3 eggs scrambled, Bacon, Blueberries
    Lunch – Left Over beef chili and salad
    snack – Almonds, Dried fruit
    Dinner – Gluten free sausage, 1 egg, mixed salad

    Sleep 7 hours

    No Workout today

  12. 13/01/13
    3xegg omlette with bacon
    2x small apples 2x kiwi fruits
    3x egg omlette with chicken
    5 mile walk over pen-y-van brecon
    10hrs sleep
    drinks ,black coffee