Wod 7-1-13

15 thoughts on “Wod 7-1-13

  1. Randy WOD 8:52 (19kg bar)

    Brekkie-omelette, with red peppers, tomato and spinach
    Lunch-burger no bun no mayo, salad and sweet potato fries
    Dinner-salmon, broccoli, beans and cabbage
    Snacks- handful of nuts and seeds, banana and plum

    Hope to have 8 hours sleep tonight 🙂

  2. WOD 7:11
    Breakfast: two slices of ham
    Dinner: steak, broccoli, sweet potato chips, green beans and red pepper.
    Snack: banana and seeds
    Tea: two lamb steaks, sweet potato mash, runner beans and spinach. With a protein shake

    Stretched and slept 8 hours

  3. Day 1 of Paleo- 07/01/13
    Drink 500ml water first thing.
    Breakfast- small glass of almond milk, 1 small avocado and 2 boiled eggs.
    500ml water throughout morning.
    Lunch- 100g plain chicken with fresh spinach, melon and pineapple finger trio.
    500ml water
    Expresso before Training (no sugar, no milk)
    Randy Wod at 5.30pm
    Dinner- 150g plain chicken breast with sweet potato mash.
    500ml water
    Snacks- 8 Almonds, Handful of blueberries. If I have sugar craving then I had 1 teaspoon of almond butter.

    Bed at 11.30pm, up at 8.30am = 9Hours.
    Moods: Feel great so far, not craving sugar as yet…

    1. Forgot to say… My time for Randy was 4.32 but I did 15reps with 20kg bar before switching to a 14kg bar.
      7 points in total for Day 1

  4. 11 Hours sleep (sunday-monday)

    Breakfast – Green tea
    Lunch – ‘Paleo pie’ – lean mince, sweet potato, tined tomato, pepper and onion.
    Dinner – Pork mixed pepper stir-fry.

    Snacks – Handful of hazelnuts.

    Drinks – Green Tea x 2, Black tea x1

    WOD/Mobility – RANDY (19KG) 7.30

    Sooo…is that 6 points as I didnt eat brekkie?

  5. Jess – Randy Wod 5.22 (20kg bar)

    Breakfast – 1 boiled egg, avocado and 3 turkey rashers.

    Lunch- Turkey mince with spices.

    Dinner- chicken breast with garlic

    Snack- 10 walnuts, 10 raisins. Eat the other half of turkey mince throughout the day.

    Drinks- 1 litter of water, 1 grapefruit and mandarin herbal tea, 1 coffee with dairy free milk.

    Mobility work – post wod

    Sleep – 7 hours 45mins

    Points Total – 7

  6. Sleep – 10 hours (sun to Mon)

    Breakfast – 1 gluten free sausage, two hard boiled eggs
    Lunch – 4 turkey rashers, paleo salad, paleo vinegarette
    Carrot & banana muffin
    Dinner – paleo pie (lean mince, sweet pot, almond milk, onions, mushrooms, gluten free stock, with green veg

    Snacks – 1 banana, 4 dried apricots, 1/2 cup of trail mix

    Drinks – 3 litres of water, 100ml almond milk

    WOD/Mobility – Randy (20kg) 7.58

    Think that is full 7 points as think I did everything I should??

  7. Randy WOD 5.19 (19 KG bar)
    Sleep 8 hours
    Breakfast Bacon and chopped tomatoes
    Lunch Paleo Butternut Squash soup
    Dinner paleo Sausage casserole
    snacks – few nuts

  8. Randy WOD 19kg 5:58

    Breakfast- scrambled egg, tomato and onion cooked in olive oil
    Lunch- chicken omelette
    Dinner- salmon, broccoli and cauliflower
    Snacks- almonds, cashew nuts, mixed seeds, blueberries, carrots, banana and orange (post WOD)

    8 hours sleep (sun-mon)

    7 points

  9. Day Two of challenge 8-01-13
    Bed at 11.30pm, woke up at 8.30am= 9 hours sleep
    Had 500ml water before breakfast 
    Breakfast: small glass of almond milk, 1 small avocado, 2 boiled eggs.
    500ml water 
    Lunch: 100g chicken in a 3 egg plain omelette cooked in coconut oil.
    500ml water
    Dinner: salmon with broc, cauliflower and carrots. Small glass of almond milk
    500ml water.
    8 Almonds, handful of blueberries. Tablespoon of almond butter.

    6.30 pm Crossfit Wod.
    I did 100hogs and 90 Air squats in 7.26

    Going to bed at 10.30pm

    Total points is 7