Mission statement

We shall strive;
To provide a gym that allows athletes of all abilities and skill levels to work out in a fun, safe and open atmosphere.

To celebrate the small victories, as well as the big one. And celebrate every workout we finish.

To provide programming that developes athletes to their fullest potential.

To continually seek out new ways of training and new skills.

To provide trainers the access to new training and assist them in becoming the best they can be.

To provide the necessary equipment to train athletes in a safe and efficient manner.

To develope an unparalled CrossFit community within our walls and be engaged in the larger CrossFit community at large

To hold fund-raisers for good causes, have fun workouts for holidays, and to celebrate when we have finished said workouts.

We will strive to make this gym a place where people want to go and want to bring their friends, families and coworkers.