Hey Guys!

First of all a huge congratulations to all those who completed their first fundamental class last night! You were all amazing!
This is this weeks and next weeks timetable for fundamentals…

  • Press Fundamental – Monday-Tuesday (5.30-6.30 6.30-7.30)
  • Squat Fundamental – Wednesday-Thursday (5.30-6.30 6.30-7.30)
  • Deadlift Fundamental – Friday- (5.30-6.30) Sunday (10-11)

The timetable make its easier for yourselves to know what fundamental you are coming too. This will ensure you don’t come to a fundamental that you have already done- although you can never get too many tekkers done!

Timetable will change when more athletes have gone through their fundamentals as demand for classes will go up. Any questions please don’t hesitate:)