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CrossFit Caerphilly

Constantly varied functional fitness performed at high intensity

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Latest from the blog

WOD 17.08.17

Deadlifts 4 x 8 reps increase weight each set in pairs complete a round of 40/30 cals bike (100m)10 x lengths of db overhead lunge 20/15kg 8 bar muscle ups /16 ctb 4 squat cleans heavy rx – 100/70kg scale 1 – 90/60kg scale 2 – 80/50kg and scale down x 3 rounds but rest between each round to wait for bike record time for each round you can power clean and squat if needed (1 DB in OH... read more

WOD 16.08.17

Rowing tests 1 4 1 rest 3 x 500m 2km pace from last week + more work out time i.e. 7min is 1.45 pace take off 3 seconds of 500m pace so 1.42 x 3 sets off 500m inbetween attempts complete max effort strict t2bar build to a 10 rep overhead squat off the rig in 15 minutes 15 minutes of mobility... read more

WOD 15.08.17

3 sets of super setted 10 x underhand strict pullups 10 x strict dips if can make 10 then max effort in pairs complete triple G chipper For time: 100 pull-ups 80 v sit ups 60 one-legged squats, alternating 40-cal. row 20 dumbbell push presses M 20kg dumbbell F 15kg.... read more